Arthur and Kevin's Nellorat (nellorat) wrote,
Arthur and Kevin's Nellorat

Doin' Well

I can't believe that I haven't written since February, but I'm only now feeling more or less normal--at least, normal for me, if not normally normal in the usual normal sense.

It wasn't just the death of youngersib but also going through her belongings. I'm happy to say that about 200 boxes & almost all of her furniture went to three households (including mine) and various charities, and the house not only went on the market but is already sold! Clearly, it was worth pushing my limits to get the house cleared out in early Spring. But I really wore myself out doing that along with some periods of intense teaching. When I got back from the International Conference in the Fantastic in late March--wonderful as always but not restful--I was wiped. I even was unenthusiastic about my teaching, begrudging of short days because I wanted the whole day off.

Now I'm rested and catching up again. We three culled about 12 more boxes of books (Womzilla may correct this in comments), and now the 20th-century fiction and the science books are all on shelves (no piles, no horizontalizing in front of the shelved books) for the first time in months, maybe a few years. The VA hospital closed down after Sandy (Boo!), but we are now donating books for the NYPL to sell.

Work is again more of a joy than a chore. I do have to learn logical notation--as Womzilla said, watching my not-ps and not-qs.  In the past, students for the LSAT (entry into law school) and SHSAT (entry into special high schools in NYC such as the Bronx High School of Science), the only tests with that kind of logic that I teach, have been able to follow my combination of pattern recognition, Venn diagrams, and intuition; now I have one student for each who can't. But I no longer feel grudging about spending prep time when I'm not teaching, let alone teaching on short days. (I never resented teaching on long days, oddly; it's just Sat. and Sun., and because it's a full day each time, I never got into other projects.)

One recreation has been assembling fabric and notions for my made-to-measure clothing. Because the Credulous Dressmaker will not sew fabrics with "idols, monsters, and witches," I found another dressmaker locally whose work I like--a very active Christian, she still has no problem with my World Fantasy Con fabrics, since the point is, after all, about fiction.  I indulged in part because fabric seems to be getting more expensive, especially on eBay, and I now have projects for literally five to six years of fantasy, science-fiction, horror, and comics outfits for conventions!

Also, gardening! Which I want to be out doing by 2:00 p.m., so I can get well into it and still be ready for my yoga at 4:30. My blood sugar has not been great lately, and gardening helps a lot. It also cheers me so! Actually, it's been more strenuous than I recalled, so I don't enjoy it as much in the moment as I expected--that always gets better--but it raises my background level of mood quite noticably.

Of course, the guys are still totally wonderful. Supergee has gotten his courage up for cataract operations in June, so I have those two days blocked out to go in with and care for him. Mainly I feel so blessed with how we resolve differences. I told him & Womzilla that one benefit of watching Dr. Phil is that it helps me see, by comparison, how lucky I am.

Status: glad to be back on LJ
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