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Credulous Dressmaker

As you know, Bob, for at least a couple of years now, I've paid  a woman for made-to-measure clothing from the patterns, fabric, and notions I buy, almost all online. She's very good and pretty reasonable; in fact, when she moved to Texas, I continued sending her material for new clothes. It doesn't matter much that the patterns are so similar, because the fabrics are so different. I adore novelty fabrics with celestial themes, nursery rhymes, rodents (almost always called "mice," but we know), books or alphabet for teaching, and many more.

Recently, I have begun going to World Fantasy Con after years and years away, and this has motivated me to get even more into horror-based fabrics. I wear some to the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts also, but for WFC I want some fantasy (unicorns, fairies, dragons) but a lot of horror. I've enjoyed the challenge of finding fabrics of ghosts, witches, and monsters that do not show too much that they were mostly designed for Halloween. For example, every year at the ICFA I wear one comics outift too--this year is a stylish bat-signal dress, monochrome except for the yellow--and I was delighted to find a two-fer, in reprints of *The Walking Dead* panels featuring Michonne offing walkers.

I can understand some of these designs being a bit off-putting to the dressmaker, a New Age type in some ways who believes that negative images will be toxic to her life. And she does spend hours with the fabric for even the simplest piece of clothing.

But she is also the most credulous person I have ever met, in addition to naturally being prone to extremes anyway. Actually, she doesn't believe just anything: the common thread is fear, with a leitmotif of harmful deceit. She is a 9/11 truther, convinced GMOs are poison--literally, she spent one whole day (off from work) grieving for the children who are victims of the Satanist Masonic pedophile conspiracy in the Vatican. It's so sad, because she really is a sensitive, caring person, and this stuff really upsets her.

The best thing in her life is that since moving to Texas, she has begun beign recorded for a Christian record company. She does sing beautifully and compose her own songs; for a while she sang professionally on cruises and at international hotels.

Yesterday, however, I got e-mail that as a Christian, she would no longer work with fabrics of "idols," "monsters," and "witches."

I honestly do not know if this is the stance of her new friends at the record company or more of the same "I know it's true because I saw it on You Tube." She did send me links to YouTube videos to explain her views.

Thanks to craigslist, I have already found another dressmaker--local and it seems far less expensive--with whom I will meet tomorrow. She seems very open & friendly, knows that some Christians, for instance, will not celebrate Halloween but does not herself feel such images are wrong in any way. I usually can tell I'll like someone when we laugh together on our first conversation, and the new dressmaker and I did that in a really promising way.

Yet this, coming after the measles outbreak, really has me thinking some deep and troubling thoughts, wondering if our wacky human brains just aren't made for good thinking. As her preference, it's inarguable; it's really the hard-line stance about what Christianity requires and the YouTube videos that bother me. I do still know that truth is not just a consensus issue, that careful thought is not only possible but practiced every day--still.

Mood: sigh
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