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Disturbing New Info on Artificial Sweeteners

<lj user="andrewdrucker">, several days back, shared a link about a new study showing that consumption of artificial sweeeners (aspertame, saccharine, and sucralose) in mice caused a change in gut bacteria to those that cause insulin resistance. Equivalent sugar did not have the same effect. here is an article from *the Guardian* with a report of that study and of studies showing the more complicated, contradictory studies on  humans. Especially troubling to me is that the result is not just obesity but specifically insulin resistance.

Even aside from whether this applies to humans, too much still seems to be unknown. womzilla wondered if it tested high levels of fructose, and no, just glucose and sucrose. As a diabetic, however, I can't really consume more sucrose, so the point is moot. I wonder about sugar alcohols, including erythritol, which is also used in the stevia-based sweetener Truvia. Apparently erythritol isn't digested well by bacteriea, unlike other sugar alcohols, a bad sign. And I wonder about stevia itself.

Then there's the issue that even if I have aquired that gut bacteria (which I do see several signs of), would stopping artificial sweeteners change my microbiome without a fecal transplant?   It seems there just isn't enough research yet. But the uncertainty reduces my motive to make such a huge change in my food when I already have to take into account my diabetes and pisco-vegetarianism--which I would prefer were pisco-veganism, but I have too much trouble restricting milk (especially milk fats) now.

One encouraging thought is that researchers will probably be on this lead like dust on a country road. Maybe something good will come out of the "obesity epidemic" moral panic: actual useful sciece instead of drugs and surgery with such downsides and, of course, all the shaming of fat people.

Right now I have a pitcher of Celestial Seasonign fruit tea cooling, hoping to switch from my fave/default CVS fruit soda with sucralose--at least some of the time. I may also try small amounts of soy milk to lighten/sweeten teas.

While I try to see if I can happily eschew artificial sweeteners, I dream about what I can legally do now to change my gut biome. Seriously! Could I talk my GP into giving me a Roto-Rooter dose of antibiotics, or would I have to deliberately injure myself and create a major infection? No sh*t, my mind is really going there. I also want to see where the study was done, whether it is at all close enough to volunteer myself or even can participate long distance..

My mind also dwells on the fact that so many nay-sayers about artificial sweeteners may have been right--but for totally wrong reasons. Do I need to reconsider any food fears I read about, no matter how ill founded they seem to be? But the fact that fears about artificial sweeteners were right appears to be more of a coincidence than anything else; and when genuine scientific evidence did devlop, I read about it.

What do y'all think? Are any of you following this info? Thinking about or actively doing anything about it in your life? Advice for non-artificially-sweetened recipes, especially for beverages, for a diabetic with a sweet tooth?

Mood: we will soldier on
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