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Esoteric Lucubrations
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Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

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Getting Back to (ab)Normal
Yesterday and today I've felt like myself for the first time since this Fall. After youngersib died, I came back to a week of intense teaching at the academy during Thanksgiving break; I feel as though I was just over the most intense grief when the Christmas break started and I began more weeks of 35-40 hours of full-on teaching, no breaks, with 15 or so commute hours added in. Within a week after a laxer schedule, I got a tenacious, snot-abundant cold.

Next week, I'm flying to Michigan to go through youngersib's house, taking what I want and dispersing most of the rest of her belongings to various charities. Frankly, I'd rather do that after the ICFA, but Math Guy is in a hurry, especially because he's the executor and youngersib's finances were in a bad shape, and there are indeed huge benefits to getting the house on the market early in the spring.

I'm still grieving youngersib, but the unprecedented, huge, ferocious, and spontaneous waves of feelings (mostly sadness and anger) are over; now it's more situational, triggered by sometimes-the-damnedest things in the environment, as I was used to from earlier familial deaths. I made a very bad mistake last week by watching a documentary on antibiotic-resistant bacteria. I used to love that kind of stuff, but now it was too reminiscent. At least I can still enjoy reading about and watching documentaries on Ebola!

This week I've actively enjoyed working around the house, mostly doing laundry and finishing up tidying and organizing the dining room. It is exactly for such times that I uploaded a good housekeeping icon, as opposed to the messy icon I have used for major decluttering in the past.

I've begun making jewelry again, mostly for oldersib and myself, but also some necklaces I think I want to sell. One of my resolutions this year is to learn to use the digital camera (including the hard part, downloading and manipulating and uploading and all that), and then I think putting stuff up on eBay will follow naturally.

womzilla and I finished watching all the past seasons of Parks & Recreation a short while ago & are now enjoying the final shows. We've begun watching 30 Rock from the beginning & are now midway through season 3. I'd resisted because I thought it would be more about TV as a business, sort of like The Larry Sanders Show; instead, it's just a clever office comedy with good characters--in fact, much like Parks & Rec.

Mood: mellowesque

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