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Good Work, Bad Jokes

Over the past week, I've done a lot of editing of papers that academy students are submitting to the Siemens Math, Science, and Technology Competition. I feel really good about the editing, because the competition isn't directly about writing at all; they've done the math/science, but I can help make the work more understandable and readable, helping them just a bit. The academy math teacher went out of his way to thank me for my work.

Also, it's fascinating! Two related projects have applications both in cleansing waste from water and in microcapsules for medicine that would release only in certain pHs, possibly enabling them to target specific organs. One study uses an ingenious system to tell if a smartphone has been stolen & potentially diagnose movement disorders earlier & much more conveniently. Even editing the math papers is somewhat interesting, because I can tell what the work does, if not how.

An insight some years back is that if I had been male, I'd be in science now rather than writing--or maybe both, a popularizer like the authors of the works I devour. I definitely think I would have found a mentor for science when I was in high school, as these students did. I'm not more than intrigued and slightly wistful about this, in part because I have a good career I'm happy with. But I'm deeply pleased with having a yearly occasion to keep up with some of the new trends.

But I promised bad jokes--  "I've got to work with Siemens tonight," and even, "I thik I've had enough of the Siemens of high-school kids." Spunky jokes, yes?

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