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Fat & Doctors II

So, discussing my gyno appointment with womzilla, he told me that his hematologist simply refused to treat him further unless W. lost weight. In one way, this is inexcusable, in that the inherited clotting problem W. was seeing the doctor for has almost nothing to do with weight. W. has a cardiologist, who is still treating him, and anyone would think it would be the concern of that specialty.

Well, I said, that's not so bad, I guess. The hematologist did the diagnosis; now that W. knows he has to take blood thinners if, say, he takes a transcontinental flight, the GP can prescribe that.

Then I found out that he hasn't been to a GP in several years!

I don't know how that slipped under my radar. supergee was surprised, also. I think that because W. is so regular about going to the dentist, his ENT, and the cardio, we didn't notice the lack of GP visits.

I asked W. to promise to, within a week or two, make a GP appointment; he considered and then agreed. He may go back to his old GP, who nagged him about weight but was personable and nice in other ways, or he may ask the cardiologist for a recommendation.

So I'm temporarily satisfied and hope to be fully relieved soon.

BUT SHIT!!! W. is not stupid, is good with medical self-care in other ways--but here is a fat person whose blood pressure has not been measured in some years! And if the hematological problem were an ongoing serious issue, that doctor could have fat-phobia'd W. to death. Last night, I became almost more indignant on W.'s behalf than on my own.

But, as nigelpuggle could certainly attest, the assholery of physicians may be a universal substance of even greater heft than general stupidity and dark matter, and we all just have to do what we can to get the best care we can. I know that now that W. has promised, he'll follow through.

For my own part, I decided that exercising two days per week is a small, incremental change I can manage. Also, a long flirtation with milk products showed that they aren't good for my blood sugar, my weight, or--almost certainly--my arteries, so for now I'm back to pisco-vegan. (Eggs seem OK health-wise, and free-range eggs are less cruel than almost all milk products; right now I'm not eating them, but I'm not sure about the future.) I have a truly dysfunctional relationship with cheese, which makes me happy and which I feel I love, but which is cruel to me; but once again I've kicked cheese to the curb.

Status: time for lunch!
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