Arthur and Kevin's Nellorat (nellorat) wrote,
Arthur and Kevin's Nellorat

A Literal F*ckwad

I'm sure that, like so many of my interests, it show what a perverse, debased person I am, but I really enjoy the comic book, originally written by Garth Ennis, called The Crossed. It's like a zombie end-of-the-world story if the zombies had a bit more intelligence and were motivated by sex, ultraviolence, and sex as well as just cannibalism.
The title is because the infected develop a cross-shaped rash across their faces. Highlights include one of the crossed sodomizing a dolphin's blowhole and the crossed wearing decorations made of various body parts. womzilla won't read it on a crowded train; I figure anyone looking at what I'm reading on the subway is doing so at hir own risk.

Recently, I found out that W. had been holding back comics--that is, not telling me they had arrived & he'd picked them up at the store in Manhattan--because we'd missed an issue & so I'd be reading those without the proper background. He kept them all and gave them to me when he had downloaded the missing issues onto my computer. Yes, kind, but yes, W. can be just a wee bit paternalistic in making such decisions for me, and he now knows not to ever, ever do that again.

Anyway, the stack included, I am not exaggerating, six to eight issues of The Crossed.

When I had read them and handed them back to him, I said, "That was a f*ckwad of comics. A literal f*ckwad."

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