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So Far, Year Is Not So Great

I know I should have eaten the herring on New Years' Eve and/or New Years' Day!

I know most families have a "good luck food" tradition, and mine is herring. That's odd, since I think of that as Scandinavian, which we are not; I think it came from my godparents, who used to spend every New Years Eve with us. This year, I thought I could eat it on the 2nd and still get good luck. But no.

womzilla and supergee are skeptical, but I know something has to explain the sukky year so far.

Actually, stretches of January were enjoyable, but I didn't get much done other than teaching. First I was recovering from the intense work over Christmas/New Years'. Then I got obsessed with a crafts project, which was enjoyable but not productive in most senses. (Though it was great for my blood sugar, I guess because I was busy but very relaxed.) I was snowed in on my birthday--a long tradition in my Chicago-area childhood--but that was pleasant if low-key.

Then I lost a couple-three weeks to sciatica.

It's OK now, and my GP knows all about it but sees no sense in going to MRIs when I've only had two attacks, months apart, and each has gone away with rest in the right positions and gentle stretching. If I didn't push it, I didn't get pain, really, but a low ache. If I did keep moving, though, it did ratchet up pretty quickly. Not too bad, but again, not a recipe for getting much accomplished.

BTW, if you ever have pain from walking--arthritis, sciatica, etc.--I highly recommend using a cane sooner rather than later. It just helps distribute weight and pressure as you walk in very subtle and useful ways. Also great for getting seats on the subway. (Not to mention other uses I resisted but contemplated occasionally as pain disimproved my mood. How useful, to have a weapon right at hand.)

Then the Cold from Heck for two to three weeks. Apparently, it's been going around the country, and maybe you even got it. After a few days doing nothing, I got enough energy to teach; as a result, I almost lost my voice, so I had to call in sick the next weekend. Only in the past couple-three days have I started feeling at all up to my usual.

Bitch bitch bitch. But I had just started writing before the major Thanksgiving work, in fact writing without a deadline **for the first time in my adult life**. My first goal is to get old ICFA presentations out in print, but I got only one done so far. The huge interruption to my positive inertia is just like a gut kick.

OTOH, the ICFA is late-ish in March, and Christmas Observed with my sibs isn't until early April. So I think maybe I can get a lot of writing done with the ICFA as a deadline, not just for that paper, but for other work I have planned.

Also, I want to start cooking again, which I haven't done much of for a long time.

Please, cheer me on in both endeavors!

Status: now 57 years old, with a body that feels over 60 and a mind that feels 27 or at most 37
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